Root canal therapy, also
known as endodontic therapy, is a
dental treatment for removing
infection from inside a tooth. It can
also protect the tooth from future
infections. It is carried out in the
pulp of the tooth, which is the root


Fillings are a type of tooth
restoration for teeth that have
been damaged by minor decay.
Filling treatments are a safe and
effective way to repair the
damage, restore teeth back to
their normal shape and function,and prevent further decay.

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Dental crowns
are caps placed on top of
damaged teeth. Crowns are
used to protect, cover and
restore the shape of your teeth
when fillings don’t solve the
problem. Dental crowns can be
made out of metals, porcelain,
resin and ceramics.

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are orthodontic tools used to straighten teeth and fix bite problems.

FastBraces use uniquely shaped
brackets, along with traditional
wires, to move both the roots and
the crowns of your teeth. The
triangular braces allow for greater
control over tooth movements,

Habit breakers are used as a
deterrent and a reminder to
break habits like a tongue thrust
or finger sucking. They can also
be used as trainers for tongue
placement during rest and

Tooth whitening can be a very
effective way of lightening the natural
color of your teeth without removing
any of the tooth surface. It cannot
make a complete color change, but it
may lighten the existing shade.

Dental veneers (sometimes called
porcelain veneers or dental porcelain
laminates) are wafer-thin, custom-made
shells of tooth-colored materials designed
to cover the front surface of teeth to
improve your appearance. These shells are
bonded to the front of the teeth changing
their color, shape, size, or length.

Jaw wiring is a medical
procedure to keep the jaw closed
for a period of time. Originally, it
was used as the mandibular
equivalent of a cast, to fix the jaw
in place while a fracture healed.
Today, jaws may also be wired
for weight-loss purposes, to
prevent the ingestion of solid

A retainer keeps your teeth from
moving after they’ve been
straightened with braces

Tooth extraction refers to the complete
removal of one or more teeth from the

Scaling and polishing removes
deposits such as plaque and
calculus (tartar) from tooth
surfaces. Over time, the regular
removal of these deposits may
reduce gingivitis (a mild form of
gum disease) and prevent
progression to periodontitis
(severe gum disease).

Dental implants are replacement
tooth roots. Implants provide a
strong foundation for fixed
(permanent) or removable
replacement teeth that are made to
match your natural teeth.

A denture is a removable
replacement for missing teeth
and surrounding tissues. Two
types of dentures are available.
Complete and partial dentures.
Complete dentures are used
when all the teeth are missing,
while partial dentures are used
when some natural teeth remain.

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch
of dentistry that is concerned
with preventive and therapeutic
oral health care for children from
birth through to adolescence, and
especially for those with special